IE7 IE8 – Fancybox + MediaElement.js

I had some difficulties getting videos playing in a Fancybox using MediaElement.js. It has been working everywhere but IE7/IE8.

what does not work for me

First I attached fancybox() and mediaelementplayer() to html tags separately as following:

<a class="open-fancybox" href="#fancybox">
<div id="fancybox">
    <video id="mediaelement" src="...mp4">

That did not work in IE versions below IE9. The fancybox opened, but the video did not show up. So I tried attaching the mediaelementplayer() after the fancybox was loaded.

This solution works for me! (UPDATED)

var player;
    'afterShow' : function() {
        player = new MediaElementPlayer('#mediaelement', { options });
    'afterClose' : function() {
<a class="open-fancybox" href="#fancybox">
<div id="fancybox">
    <video id="mediaelement" src="...mp4">

UPDATE: Many thanks to Horst who found out, that Firefox an IE continue playing the movie after closing the fancybox. I updated the code to solve this.

I think that mediaelement.js actually is the best solution for cross-browser and cross-platform video hosting!

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